LBR Law College: Law College in Varanasi

3 Years LLB Course

LLB course provides a strong foundation in law and legal principles, preparing students for a career in the legal field.

5 Years BA LLB Course

Embark on a comprehensive legal journey with our BA LLB course at LBR Law College, Varanasi.

Skill Development

Degree and skill are equal and opposite thing. A person must have a degree and the ability to achieve something. A degree without skill and talent is as meaningless. Both must coexist for the battle of the fittest to occur. A degree is just the certified verification of an individual’s expertise. Every person may obtain the degree but sharpened skill is needed to perform ahead of others. Not every university graduate is necessarily skilled. The degree corroborated with expertise of deliverance with apt knowledge is boon for would be lawyer.

1. Periodical seminars and Debates

We organise time to time periodical seminars and guest lectures to enlighten the students by calling jurists, legal experts from the field of law by the college like Dr. Shri Prakash Mishra, Professor (Retd), Law Department, Harishchandra P.G. College, Prof. S.K.Singh , Head of the Department, Law Department Harishchandra P.G. College , Dr. Vijay Pal Singh, Law School, B.H.U, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Associate Professor  Institute of Legal Studies , Ramswaroop Memorial University Lucknow , Dr. S. S. Das , Associate. Prof. Center for Judicial Studies, Dibrugarh , University of Dibrugarh , Assam , Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh , Law School , B.H.U. Uttar Pradesh , Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Advocate & then President , Tehsil Bar Association Rajatalab and Mr. Prashant Singh ‘ Atal ‘ Advocate, High Court Lucknow Bench etc. enriched the knowledge of the students with their special knowledge.

2. Moot Courts

Moot Courts helps students to engage and understand legal issues. It helps students analyse legal topics and work on its research. Students learn to work in teams and learn from their teammates. Students can demonstrate their advocacy skills and legal skills. The College conducts annual moot courts with dedicated participation of all students of college under able guidance of legal luminaries like senior advocates, professors and teachers. We create  a replica of real court proceedings. The purpose of moot court competitions is to make students aware of the court proceedings related to disputes between parties.


How do we indulge?

        We prepare students keeping following things in mind:-

  1. The student must know the facts of the case
  2. The student cannot manipulate the facts of the case
  3. The students should emphasise on the relevant facts of the case
  4. The students should know how to exclude the irrelevant facts
  5. We prepare students couple of days before final performance
  6. There is  questioning period by the judges is 3-4mins
  7. Students must narrate the facts in 2-3mins
  8. The student’s opening statement must be well thought of
  9. The issues must be carefully framed by the student.